Sticky was the pilot character in the webtoon "AnimaShaun"


Behind the ScenesEdit

Sticky was not based on anbody. He was just a simple stickman.

About StickyEdit

Sticky's full name is "Sticky Stickers". He was the Pilot. The original AnimaShaun character and thought up of in 2009. He made his first appearence is Shaun's first ever animation simply called "Shaun's first stickman animation" He can't talk so he has to communicate through speech bubbles that appear over his head.

Sticky has a never-before-mention- girlfriend called stickette.


Sticky's head is a perfect circle with 2 straight lines for eyes and he only has a mouth when he's talking. His body is just a stick and his arms and legs are also sticks.


  • Shaun's first Stickman Animation (2010)
  • The random, funny and sometimes bloody (haha that rhymed!) adventures of Sticky the stickman (2010)
  • AnimaSHAUN - a sticky music video (2010)
  • Annotation Animation (2010)
  • The world of NintenJohn (2010)