Shaun Gordon
This is what Shaun looks like in real life

Full name:

Shaun Colin Gordon




Founder/Animator/writer/voice actor

Shaun "AnimaShaun" Gordon is a 15 year old boy in Scotland who makes small animations about him and his friends.


Shaun is the original creator of the small webtoon, AnimaShaun (AS). He made his first animation in 2010 which was just about a simple stickman. There was no sound until later. The inspiration of his webtoons was a number of various things including: The simpsons, Looney tunes, Eddsworld and the Beano. Human characters didn't come in until later in the year 2010. This unfortunately meant killing Sticky off.

The first 3 proper characters were Shaun, John and Andrew. However Andrew retired due to him not being interested in the whole idea. So this meant that it was just Shaun and John for a while. AnimaShaun joined together with Toon which is a animation series created by Rob Johnston and they are both now owned by Goldmarkshammer.

By 2011, Daniel was added to replace Andrew. He has had no lines yet but has appeared in numerous animation.

Before the AnimationsEdit

Before Shaun started making animations he made comics. His first ever series of comics was just on scrap pieces of paper and was about a superhero called "Dino-man" who was a stick of Dynamite with a floating head and arms and legs and a cape. This lasted from about 2006 to 2008. After he gave him up he made little stickman comics, still on scrap paper, in mid-2009. This was the very first existence of Sticky however he had no real identity and only appeared a few times.

Shaun scrapped the idea of stickmen in comics and made comics of himself and his friends, still on scrap pieces of paper. He never intended for them to become animation or on the internet, but to be shared with his classmates and peers. When he got his first laptop he made the same idea of comics on MSPaint. He was just learning and used the line tools. He got better at using freehand and gained more experience so he uploaded them to Facebook to share with his friends. This was the very first time that AnimaShaun was put on the internet.

After this he got "Artoonix", which is an animating programme, from the internet. This was when he made his first ever animation.


Shaun was born on the 7th of March 1997. He lives with his mum, dad and formerly, his brother before he moved out. He had a dog named Kali before she died at age 12. He went to Pathhead primary School and now goes to Dalkeith High School. He has taken the subjects: Art, Graphics, Drama, Physics and History to try and help him with his animations. He has a fair amount of friends, some of who feature in his animations as cameos.

Shaun from AnimaShaun is loosely based on Shaun Gordon's personality. Shaun is quite arrogant, vain, and quite rude in the way he loves to insult people. He can be nice too. He is loyal to his friends when they're not having some friendly banter, but he has a burning passion for taking things too far. He also loves the great taste of Cola. His AnimaShaun counter-part shares most of these personality traits, with the addition of being brave and the enhancement of his love for Cola.

Important DatesEdit

  • 07/03/97 The day he was born.
  • 27/08/09 The day he joined Youtube.
  • 08/04/10 The day he uploaded his first animation to the internet.
  • 14/05/10 The day his animations first had sound.
  • 06/06/10 The day he decided to start making human characters.
  • 01/10/10 The day "Shaunsk8r" was hacked.
  • 02/10/10 The day that ShaunsBlogs was made.
  • 24/12/11 The day Shaun uploaded his first episode to Youtube.