John Redpath
This is what John looks like in real life

Full Name:

John Andrew Redpath




Voice Actor

John Redpath is a 15 year old boy in Scotland who is apart of AnimaShaun.


John first joined Shaun with Andrew Paterson in his animations for the new series in 2010. He had no speaking parts until AnimaShaun: Christmas Special Part 1. Unless you count whistling as a speaking part.

Before AnimaShaunEdit

Before John joined AnimaShaun he made comics, just like Shaun. His comics were about a superhero named "Monkey Boy" who was a talking monkey with superpowers and were on peices of scrap paper. These comics were aound the same time as Shaun's ones. He never went too far with Monkey Boy but has a few scripts ready for an animation potential.


John was born on May 10th 1997. He lives with mum, dad, brother, sister and a dog called Rosie. He went to Primary school with Shaun and met him in nursary school when he was about 4. He goes to high school with Shaun now and met Daniel in his first year when he was about 12. He is good friends with both Shaun and Daniel. He has been out with 1 girl, Claire

John from Animashaun is loosely based on John in real life. He is quite gullable, easily confused, innocent and has the mind of a child. His animated self has the addition of being stupid which is born out of these other traits. He doesn't insult people as often as Shaun. His animated counterpart is often hyper and consequently annoying. His real life self is quite like this too what with having the mind of a child. He get's more hyper from sugar than a teenager should.

Important DatesEdit

  • 10/05/97 The day he was born
  • 06/06/10 The day he joined AnimaShaun
  • 24/12/11 The day he first used his voice in AnimaShaun.