Daniel is the secondary main character from the webtoon "AnimaShaun"

First Appearance:

halloween Short

Voice Actor:

Rob Johnston/Rupert Nicol


Green Shirt and Jeans

Behind the Scenes

Daniel is played by "Daniel Hall" and is based upon him too. However the Daniel in AnimaShaun is not just the animated version of Daniel in real life, as many people might think. he is just roughly based on his personality and looks.

About Daniel

His full name is "Daniel Spikey Perfectness" and he was born on the 11th of Febuary 1997. He is the oldest of the trioand statistically the earliest to die. He is the secondary main character along with John. His first appearence was in "Halloween Short" Where he got shot twice in the head by The Killer.

Daniel's best friends are Shaun and John. He is very kind and nice to them but he sometimes acts like their big brother as he is mature and usualy tells them to shut up when they're being annoying.


Daniel is the mature and sensible one of the 3. He can have a laugh but never does anything over the top crazy. He's quite clever and as a result of his intelligence he usually is the one to come up with the escape plan or the attack plan. Daniel is almost the opposite of Shaun and John. He's like the "Anti-John".

Daniel is a good cook. He's no chef but he can make dinner without burning the house down. He has no particular favourite food. He is usually the one who cleans up after Shaun. But he doesn't really mind sinse he like to live in a clean house.

Daniel's religion never comes up in the series. We can only assume that he has no religion. His favourite colour is green which would explain his green hoody.


Daniel has a slightly pointed chin as it comes to a perpendicular angle. His hair is jet balck like Shaun's but much shorter and spiked up. His eyes are also black. Daniel is the tallest out of the 3 by a very small amount. He is quite athletic like John but he doesn't really do any sports outside of golf.

His default choice of clothing is a green button up shirt and jeans. He also wears grey-ish trainers.

Hobbies and Skills

Daniel has some hobbies and many skills. these include:


  • Cooking
  • Golfing
  • Video Gaming


  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Golfing
  • drawing


Daniel lives by himself in a 1 story house and although Daniel has a house of his own, he spends a lot of time at Shaun's house. The street and house number are unknown but there has been 2 rooms that we've seen so far:

Living RoomEdit

The living room has orange walls and a green couch, much the same as Shaun and John's.

Front HallEdit

The front hall has green walls and is connected to the living room and the front door which is red just like Shaun and John's


Halloween Short (2011)Edit

Daniel is sitting in his house when he suddenly gets shot in the head twice through a window.

AnimaShaun: Xmas Special part 1 (2011)Edit

Daniel appears at the end and lets Shaun and John hide from the CM.

Memorable Quotes



  • Daniel is loosely based off of his real life counterpart, Daniel Hall.
  • Daniel's hair always stays the exact same. No matter what.